Olivia y Eugenio is an intimate work by the Peruvian writer Herbert Morote that explores the relationship of Olivia, a cultured and independent woman, with her son Eugenio, a young man with Down Syndrome. The story unfolds on a particular night when Olivia faces a personal crossroads that leads her to review her life, her relationships and the very sense of normality. After all, what is normal in this life?


The author immerses us in a masterful way in the personal history and feelings of these characters, exploring the special relationship they establish between them. Morote manages to print a border authenticity between the theatrical fact and real life, thanks to his minimalist staging of two actors, the action that happens in real time and the interpretation of Eugenio's leading role by an actor with Down.


A work that shows us how in times of crisis new forces can be found from love and tenderness.

© María José Medina

Since its premiere in 2010, it has been performed by leading theater actresses in different countries: Yvonne Frayssinet (Peru), Concha Velasco (Spain), Rita Ribeiro (Portugal), Alicia Guerra (Paraguay).


Directed by Marcelino Duffau, this time Olivia plays the multifaceted actress and director Virginia Ramos, accompanied by Sebastián Martínez Berrutti in the role of Eugenio.


Due to the health emergency decreed by the Presidency of the Republic, the functions of Olivia and Eugenio are suspended until further notice. We will notify the new dates as soon as we have the information.

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