The Laboratorio Catalejo, aka. Spyglass Lab, aims to provide elements for the resilience of the migrant population in the context of the COVID-19 crisis, to generate instances of distance encounter, where migrant families make contact with specially elaborated performing arts techniques, and to promote through art, dialogue and intra-family creation, stimulating and accompanying each participating family nucleus in the generation of an expressive artistic result and the photographic and audiovisual record of the process and product made.

The proposal is to generate a dialogue between migrant families currently residing in Uruguay and Spain from video calls to address the daily situations that participating families have been experiencing in the context of a pandemic. Meetings that will be sustained in the fact of stimulating dialogue and exchange in order to promote the resignification of situations and events that each family may be passing through in their daily routine. Putting into words, explicitly, metaphorically or symbolically, the situations that occur around the context that we are living, is also a way of channeling the feelings that this particular situation that transits the world causes us. Sharing among equals, beyond borders, allows us to transcend uncertainty and find our strengths to continue advancing as individuals, and therefore, as a society.

From these dialogues and tools provided by the coordinators of the activity, a small artistic, plastic / scenic product will be generated for each family nucleus, which will be shared among the participants. In addition to the expressive tools, others will be shared that will aim to record the process and the results of what each family has done, in order to generate photographic and audiovisual material that will aim to be exposed to the community. The “Spyglass Exhibition” will be open to all audiences and will take shape at the time of returning to normal social life in the venue and date to be defined in Montevideo, Uruguay and Sabadell-Barcelona, ​​Spain.

The proposal is aimed at migrant family nuclei with residence in Spain or Uruguay, they may be made up of adults, adolescents and / or children, the contents of the activity are designed to contemplate the age from 3 years.

Needs and requirements to participate in the activity:

- Migrant families with residence in Spain or Uruguay.

- Each participating nucleus must have the minimum participation of an adult.

- Basic knowledge of the Spanish language.

- Each family nucleus must have a computer / computer (equipped with a camera and microphone), an internet connection and a device (cellular / mobile or photographic camera) that allows capturing video and audio.

- Disposition of the family nucleus to participate in the three instances of video calls, which will take place on Saturdays July 4, 11 and 18 of this year 2020, between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. Uruguay time, and from 15 to 17 pm Spanish time.

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