La casa del árbol (The Treehouse) is an educational space that seeks to generate an encounter between art, science and technology. They use new technologies and audiovisual production as a pretext for creating educational links that allow building knowledge through dialogue with children. In The Treehouse, different forms of artistic expression and scientific experimentation coexist, crossed by the creation of audiovisual stories.

They explore the world with the little ones and, together with them, ask questions and look for answers.

Cuack! is one of the latest audiovisuals created by La casa del árbol and awarded at the Ojo al piojo festival (Argentina), in its 2019 edition.

The workshops

The development of new technologies has driven deep
social changes that have impacted all areas of life
daily, and particularly in the field of Education.

We think that the most significant capacity for the growth of
individuals and societies in the decades to come will be the
creativity development. Not understood just as
artistic creativity but as the ability to confront and resolve
problems in novel ways.


For this we need teachers capable of dealing with the vertigo of technological changes, capable of dismantling them and re-elaborating them in new forms of expression that connect with the particularities of each educational context. We trust in the deployment of artistic education, not as a means for creating new generations of artists (only) but for the formation of freer citizens. But
We believe that artistic education should not be disconnected from scientific thought and experimentation. We believe that it should be nurtured by children's curiosity and their desire to play. We offer to share our accumulated and systematized experience during more than 15 years of work in Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina, with the hope of contributing to the deepening of dialogue between the different ways of thinking and doing of all those who work in the education of our children.

For more information about the workshops we offer for institutions:

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