Fuera del Aula (Outside the Classroom) is the educational outreach and performing arts program of the Florencio Sánchez Cultural Center. With more than 18 years of uninterrupted activity, he brings groups of preschool, school and high school students to artistic shows presented in this renowned theater of the Intendancy of Montevideo. Florencio is located in a historical point of the capital, La Villa del Cerro, a neighborhood with a strong identity associated with its industrial past and its immigrant communities.

Schools visit the Florencio Sánchez Cultural Center, getting to know the facilities and attending a professional show during school hours, in a warm environment with the personalized attention that distinguishes this theater.


The program offers educators an interesting range of stage proposals and, in their pedagogical approach, they are linked to different areas of knowledge: promotion and encouragement of reading, care for the environment, musical awareness and visual expression.

The Florencio Sánchez Cultural Center has been working to offer children, their teachers and families a proposal to raise awareness of the performing arts, to exercise cultural rights, and to generate memorable experiences that bring them closer to different ways, to values ​​and messages linked to the rights agenda, contributing to the cultural transformations, so necessary to achieve a peaceful coexistence and the construction of meaning for life in fullness.

Ana Laura Montesdeoca

Florencio Sánchez Cultural Center

For its 2020 edition, a call was made to cover the different ages of the public of educational extension: preschool, school and high school. From May to October the selected shows can be enjoyed in the hall, with functions in the morning and evening hours.

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