Multidisciplinary show of theater, puppets and music, designed for children and adolescents from 10 to 15 years old.

The story tells of the crossing of two migration stories: a grandmother and her granddaughter, two stories of women who due to life circumstances and at different stages of history, are forced to leave their country to cross the ocean. The grandmother left her native Andalusia in the early 1900s to make the Americas and her granddaughter, a puppeteer who decided to take the same path to tour the American continent in 2013.


Two women with the same blood and the same drive, two women in different centuries with the same vital need: to migrate, to search, to flee, to (unknowingly) rebuild from adversity and diversity and thus recognize identity.

© Mario Solís, Alejandro Pérez Sacco


Due to the health emergency decreed by the Presidency of the Republic, the functions of De las entrañas are suspended until further notice.

© 2020 Camaleónica Gestión Cultural. 

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