Florencio Awards 2018

  • Best Teen Show

  • Best director

  • Best cast

  • Best Actor: Rodolfo Agüero

Pedro is any child, in any town. Every day he goes to school, plays with his friends, annoys Don José, the old curmudgeon of the town. One day a war arises that he fails to understand, generated by interests very distant from his own and those of the people of his town.

When a bomb falls in the town, Pedro is trapped under the rubble. He is saved thanks to the affection, care and intelligence of Don José, who, trapped next to him, proposes to stay awake and attentive, making up stories.

All wars, just or unfair, disastrous or victorious,

are wars against children.
Eglantyne Jebb

From the hand of the prestigious Argentine author María Inés Falconi (Fallen from the map, Caro says, Weekend in Paradise) comes this work that invites adults and children to think about the vicissitudes that many children around the world experience daily, and which These regions are seen through external filters (television, video games, social networks).

Gabriel Macció Pastorini and Daniel H. Fernández, both of renowned careers in children's and youth theater, lead the Querubín Teatro Group in the recreation of this story of friendship and overcoming in the most difficult circumstances.

It is a joint production of the Uruguayan Center for Theater and Dance for Children and Youth (CUTDIJ) and the Querubín Teatro Group, in the city of Libertad (San José).


A show with original music by Manuel Galanes.


This play was awarded four Florencio awards for children's and youth theater, in its 2018 edition: Best Teen Show, Best Actor (Rodolfo Agüero, Pedrito), Best Cast and Best Direction (Gabriel Macció Pastorini and Daniel H. Fernández).

Pedrito's story is a good opportunity for adults and children to share a playful, emotional and profound space to dialogue on a theme that is present in everyday reality. Responsive, engaging, musical and hopeful.



En la semana del estreno de Cantata de Pedro y la guerra, nos visitaron desde Argentina, la autora, María Inés Falconi, y el escenógrafo, Carlos Di Pasquo. Ambos participaron en una semana con varias actividades organizadas por el Centro del Teatro y la Danza para la Infancia y Juventud (CUTDIJ).



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