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We design cultural projects and promote artists



About us:

Natalia Medina
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Degree in Audiovisual Communication and Technique in Cultural Management.

Sonia Lambruschini
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Technician in Cultural Management, with training in Marketing and Interior Design.

What we do


We are a cultural management company dedicated to the development, production and dissemination of Uruguayan projects and artists. Since 2017 we are working in the local environment with various proposals that combine performing arts and education.

Thanks to the passion and effort with which we face each project, we have managed to present our works in the most important theaters in Montevideo: Teatro Solís, Auditorio Nacional del Sodre, Centro Cultural Florencio Sánchez, Teatro Alianza and Teatro del Notariado.

What we believe in


Culture generates rights, gives voice to those who do not have it. It is born from the mud of society and gives us a mirror in which to look at ourselves and recognize ourselves. It is transmitted, it multiplies, it extends in time and space. It becomes essential like the air we breathe.

Art takes its voice from the culture in which it is immersed, that gives it its particularity, its unique and valuable meaning. Artistic expressions are the face of a culture that looks at itself and turns to look at the world around it. Supporting that testimonial, challenging, questioning and local art is what motivates us the most. Help him democratize, reaching the whole of society, and that his reflection allows us to dream our best version.

Get to know our services



We love challenges, that's why, in addition to our ventures, we work with commissioned projects: we help you in the realization of your idea, and in the elaboration and design of your project, accompanying you in all stages.


Communicating well is essential. We reach your target audience using the appropriate tools to enhance your entrepreneurship.


We budget and produce all kinds of cultural events, from the idea to its execution. We work with professionals in each area, preparing the event that best suits your profile.


Culture involves us all and for this reason we establish exchange relationships with institutions, companies and representatives of civil society. We generate networks and synergies to provide better quality cultural products.


We provide advice to artists who want to improve their public visibility and also to companies looking to invest in cultural production.

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